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March 31, 2019

Spent a quiet Sunday evening listing NEW domestic items on my website. Tomorrow I will add some images ( I only have the Digital images for now) and also show the items finished.

All these new items are in someway domestic items. I love the simplicity of some of the designs and have always wanted to start a collection of what would describe as high quality realistic "essentials". I have more to list; a table, a set of old saucepans and frying pans, and a plunger (posser is the correct name but not well known). 

All items (excluding the sink) are made from metal and can either be polished or painted.

I shall keep you posted when I have the "real thing" photographed. 

Architectural cornice etc

I am going to be listing some of the cornicing including elements of the room below. I shall keep you updated.

The Follie

Just a little update - it has been printed! Or at least 95% has been printed. One wall was wonky so is being reprinted. Parts of it will be made from wood but these can not be created...

January 16, 2019

Boots and Shoes!

I have a small selection of 18th and 19th century boots and shoes available unpainted ready for you to cast your artistic eye on them and create wonderful creations. 

 I have painted one of each design in order to show the detailing better. However the shoes lend themselves to being painted in wonderful 18th century textile colours. The odd pair of shoes has been created without its ribbon so you can add a real one. 

 All boots and shoes are now available from the website unpainted. Below is a gallery of the designs. They cost £3.50 each


Last year I started working on some new designs. I wanted some accessories to compliment what I do but also that were more simple in design and none the less detailed. I have yet to print, mould and cast them but below is a sneak preview of some of the items that will be on offer later in the year:

and a little more NEWS...

For those of you who see me it fairs you will know that I have many more items than what I sell through...

September 19, 2017

I have been playing about with paint finishes this evening - I am really impatient and rarely allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat or maybe an aging solution.

Below is my first attmept. I'm not happy with the finish of this fact I did reach a point where it was looking OK and then I started adding more wax..I should really learn when to stop! But I thought I would share this with you because the detail is easier to see with the paint finish.

If this is a finish that you like then its really quite simple... paint highlighted areas gold (i ended up rubbing off the gold but I think it looked better with the gold showing) and then paint the item. I chose duckegg blue, As the paint dries wipe away the paint from the raised areas to reveal the gold...more rubbing reveals the base colour. Go over with a wax _ start with some Annie Sloane dark wax and then with her Black wax....polish the wax and then finish by splattering some dark brown to create some texture and d...

October 18, 2016

I have just had a wonderful email from a lovely man who is French living in Thailand who makes the most beautiful french dollshouses for a hobby. I was so inspired by his amazing work that I thought I would share it with you - I also know that some of you will be itching to know more about him.....

HIs name is Patrick Duclou and in his spare time he creates these stunning french dolls houses which is quite a feat as he lives in Thailand where he teaches English! His blog site is or facebook siams Miniatures. I think you will agree that his work is wonderful and his finish on the exterior of the buildings is fantastic.

....cant wait to see what he is making next and his block shows us how he creates such wonderful facades.....

He has a video too could not believe it when the video panned into the bathroom where I saw my mums (lilianne Miniatures) bath and taps that she used to make!!

Also a great little video...

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